Pete Tong

13th August 2000
Pete Tong
  • Seraphim - "Tribal Funk" (Black Dahlia Records)
  • Onionz Tony & Dano - "Harvest Man (from the Extreme Measures EP)" (Moody Recordings)
  • Halo & Hipp-e - "Got Da Feeling" (Moody Recordings)
  • Hatirus - "Spaced Invader" (International House)
  • Lenny Fontana & DJ Shorty - "Chocolate Sensation" (FFrr)
  • Rec Rangers feat. Kool Keith & Heather Hunter - "Toot Toot Hey Beep Beep [Xpress 2 Razzle Mix]" (Skint)
  • Future Funk - "Switch Lock" (Plastic City)
  • artist unknown - "Poor Slain Punk" (white label)
  • Laurent Garnier - "The Man With The Red Face [Jan Driver Long Distance Mix]" (F Communications)
  • Mory Kante - "Yeke Yeke [Hardfloor Mix]" (Going Global)

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